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January 30, 2011

Obesity in our children

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Figures have been released recently from the schools measuring programme, which measures the height and weight of children in reception and year six in primary schools in England, establishing whether they are underweight, healthy weight, overweight or obese.

What these figures have shown from the more than one million children that were measured. Is that 1 in 10 children start primary school obese – which rises to nearly 1 in 5 by the time they leave primary school. Which suggests that primary schools aren’t doing enough to combat obesity, with a 100% increase in the amount of children that leave primary school obese. Of course schools aren’t fully responsible, as a lot of the responsibility has to lie with the parents.

What can we do to combat obesity in our children at school…

• Provide more opportunities for children to access sport outside of normal school hours
• Making sure all children are accessing at least 2 hours a week of PE in curriculum time
• Offer a wider variety of sports to engage more children
• Get rid of the culture in some schools of them being too worried about children taking part in sport and PE, as they deem certain activities too dangerous
• More activities for children during lunch and break times
• More advise on healthy eating and lifestyle
• More involvement from specialist organisations that can advise and influence children to make the right choice
• Educate parents on the importance of a healthy lifestyle
• Engage the whole family in physical activities

The only way we can make a real impact is by a multi-agency and collective approach, as without this… then we are fighting a losing battle.

I saw a statistic that the future costs of obesity in our country will cost the NHS 4.2 billion! YES, 4.2 BILLION… If that doesn’t make you get up off the sofa… then you will certainly feel it in your pocket – as guess who will be footing the bill!!!


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