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Sorry to all you Mary Poppins fans out there, but a spoonful of sugar is likely to do as much damage as the medicine is doing good. OK, maybe not a single spoonful – but there is a growing wealth of e… Read More


In recent years there has been a move, by some schools, to stop identifying winners and losers in school sports day events. The old adage that ‘it is not the winning which matters, but the taking part… Read More


Testing children in physical education is important, and a lot easier than you think, but not enough schools are currently doing it! So, why is this? There are many reasons why this might be the cas… Read More


The ideas around what constitutes a great kids party come and go faster than a teenager’s sense of fashion these days. There are Frozen parties, dinosaur parties, magic parties, activity parties, days… Read More


The answer in short is YES and NO. But let me expand a little bit more… The most important question that every school should ask if they’re considering using apprentices to support the schools PE &a… Read More


A 2016 UK Government report into the issue of child obesity opened with this depressing statement: ‘Today nearly a third of children aged 2 to 15 are overweight or obese, and younger generations are … Read More


In the coming week, or so, primary schools will be receiving the first 7/12ths of their PE & Sport Premium since the announcement of the doubling funding. Schools will now face increased accounta… Read More


The above statement is true and this could be your school. Coppermill Primary School in Walthamstow appeared in the national newspaper the other week because their predicted SAT’s results for Year 6 … Read More


Staff monitoring is important. Agreed.Monitoring PE isn't always top of the list. But is very important too. Agreed.If you're busy trying to meet various deadlines, planning lessons or compiling data.… Read More

Sport Versus Activity

Jan 09, 2017

Does the word ‘sport’ get you all excited or does it put the fear of god into you? Words mean different things to different people. People attach beliefs and feelings to different words. So, you men… Read More

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