Course details:

Hanham Abbots Juniors, Term 1: Year 6 Pandas, Football Club

Age Group : 10-11 Years


  • Hanham Abbots Junior School, Hanham Abbots, Creswicke Avenue BS15 3PN


  • 30th Sep - 21st Oct
  • 2:40 pm - 3:40 am

Your head coach:

Peter Randall

We are pleased to be able to offer our after-school clubs at HAJ.

We are starting this term with football and the sessions will be mixed for all boys and girls. Please ensure children have the appropriate footwear and clothing as we will always be on the school field whatever the weather!

Children will not change as they will already be dressed for PE, but maybe a change of top or jumper/rain jacket would be helpful.

We will be keeping the children in year group bubbles as they currently do during break and lunches, year groups will not be mixed.

Each class will have 15 spaces available to ensure we can keep the bubble systems simple and straight forward. Your child will be supported at the club by the Sports Coach who will have worked with your child that afternoon.

We will also have staggered start and finish times to follow the school risk assessment for pick up.

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