We are highlighting the importance of ensuring Government support for children’s physical activity and the sector that supports it in light of the coronavirus pandemic.

We are, as I’m sure you are, concerned about the impact of the pandemic on children and young people. The loss of activity providers, swimming pools and leisure facilities would have massive consequences for children and young people, particularly those from lower socio-economic backgrounds.

ukactive research shows that inequality can be incredibly harmful in its impact on children, young people and families – both from a physical, mental and social perspective.

Children lose up to 74% of their fitness over the summer holidays, with those from the poorest backgrounds affected most. Sport England data shows early signs that the Coronavirus pandemic is having a disproportionate effect on lower-income socioeconomic groups as families feel the crushing absence of school meals, lessons and activities for children.

Now more than ever, Government needs to ensure that children’s activity providers are supported to engage the most vulnerable children and young people in society.

There is also concern on the delay over the decision to renew the PE and Sport Premium for primary schools.

With no guarantee of funding for physical education, we could see a drop in physical activity during term time, with all the associated risks. Schools are also unable to make key decisions for their September plans.

Higher levels of physical activity in children and young people has been shown to have a positive impact on their physical and mental health, wellbeing and educational attainment.

In order to support physical activity in children and young people during this period, ukactive Kids is calling for the Government to implement the following measures:

  • Confirm the renewal of the PE and Sport Premium for primary schools for the 2020/21 academic year – to give schools adequate time to plan activity provision.
  • Provide a framework and tailored support for suitable schools to open as places for engagement and activity this summer (2020) to ensure adequate support for the most vulnerable children and families, prioritising the safety of children, staff and families.


We have contacted local members of Parliament, and asked if they would write to the Education Secretary and ask how he intends to address these issues that are vital to children’s activity, kindly created by ukactive.

Children’s activity providers have been taking action in this period to support children’s activity, for instance in your own constituency we have been delivering high quality physical activities in local schools, upskilling teaching staff, and running popular holiday courses for
many years.

This letter has been sent out by hundreds of UK coaching companies, from ukactive Kids, who share the same beliefs and passion for inspiring children to be physically active.