Once the bell rings for home time, wraparound care can be a great enriching extension to the school day.

Wraparound care, through purposeful and enriching activities, offers an informal yet incredibly effective setting for learning. Activities are often more hands-on, interactive, and exploratory, which can help children develop problem-solving, critical thinking, and creativity – skills not often explicitly taught in the classroom.

These activities can range from ‘homework clubs’ to help support homework and consolidation of the day’s learning.

Also, the diversity of activities after school can support every child’s unique interests – from nerf wars to dodgeball, crafts to cooking, painting to board games, there’s something for every child’s unique interest.

These specialty activities encourage children to nurture their passions and introduce them to new ones.

Finally, let us not overlook the opportunities for social-emotional development that come alive after school. Children learn to collaborate, negotiate, build relationships and gain independence during these activities.

We must celebrate and leverage the unique enriching and educational opportunities that can be available after school. The learning does not have to stop when the school bell rings, and wraparound care offers an excellent platform to extend and enrich it.