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We know how important it is as a school that you choose a fit-for-purpose company to partner with, that can support all your needs with a professional, reliable and cost effective service. We strive to achieve all these things and more.

We are also constantly looking at ways we can improve, we listen to our customers, we move with the ever changing landscape of our market to ensure we provide schools with a comprehensive and dynamic portfolio of programmes.

For more information on how we can support your school with different programmes, please navigate the site by clicking on the different services that you are interested in. 

Our Schools Services

PPA Cover

With all teachers requiring 2 hours off per week for planning, preparation and assessments (PPA). Progressive Sports offers the very best service went it comes to covering PPA time, the solution we offer includes; lesson planning, assessments, a seamless integration into the children’s daily routine and the same member of staff every week. We will …
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CPD for teachers

We know that PE can be an area that not all teachers feel comfortable teaching, NQT’s have minimal training and teachers sometimes feel they have a lack of subject knowledge. Yet, Ofsted will be inspecting the PE in your school following the announcement in March (2013) about the Sport Premium funding for schools to improve their PE & sport.
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Extended School Activities (ESA)

Our aim is to ensure that all children are able to have opportunities to engage in a wide range of activities outside of the normal school day. All children have a natural curiosity to try different things, and we aim to meet their curiosity be offering a wide and diverse menu of activities.
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Competition Days

We all know that children enjoy being appropriately challenged and at a young age most are keen to explore what they are capable of, and we are keen as a company to support schools, to make sure competitive school sport for primary school aged children becomes an integral part of school life.
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Fundraising Events

Progressive Sports offers teachers a convenient, ready-made fundraising solution for its school. We will deliver a fully planned and resourced structured event which engages children in a fun and exciting way, whilst also raising funds for your school.
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Tennis Whizz

Tennis Whizz has been specifically designed for pre-school children and is a great early introduction to Tennis, and is unique in the way that it uses storytelling to engage young children through the programme.
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