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Fundraising Events



How can Progressive sports help raise funds for your school?

Progressive Sports offers teachers a convenient, ready-made fundraising solution for its school. We will deliver a fully planned and resourced structured event which engages children in a fun and exciting way, whilst also raising funds for your school.

We will plan the event and put together a timetable. On the day, one of our fully qualified coaches will deliver the event alongside the schools teaching staff.

We offer three different fundraising events. You simply select the event you would like to hold and invite pupils to gain sponsorship and take part in the chosen event.


The Progressive Sports Events

You have the opportunity to choose from one of our three PS Fundraising Events, each activity offers pupils with an exciting way of raising funds for their school. Which event is it going to be?


The children will take part in a series of activities which will test such skills as, balance, agility, coordination, and general motor-skills. The children will gain sponsorship to complete four Multi-Skills Challenges. Who has the all round skills?


The children will take part in a fun and energetic Streetdance session, and the children will gain sponsorship to learn five new dance moves! Who has the moves to pay the bills?!


The children will take part in a penalty shoot-out, each child will gain sponsorship to take three penalties each! Who has nerves of steel, and will be crowned the penalty champion?!


What are the benefits?

There are many benefits to taking part in PS Fundraising Event.


For Pupils

  • Promotes a healthy and active lifestyle
  • Raises confidence and self-esteem
  • Teaches them cooperative skills and teamwork
  • Increases their knowledge and skills

For Schools

  • Raises funds for the school
  • The school are promoting a healthy and active lifestyle to their pupils
  • Brings together cohesion in the school
  • Helps the children to engage in more physical activities

For Teachers

  • Provides them with ideas for PE lessons
  • They can link the event with their lesson topics
  • They can talk about the importance of a healthy and active lifestyle

Why hold a Fundraising Event?

Our Fundraising Events have benefits for you, your school and of course, your pupils.

For your pupils

  • it promotes a healthy and active lifestyle
  • it raises confidence and self-esteem
  • it teaches them new skills such as teamwork

For your school

  • it raises much needed funds
  • it promotes a healthy and active lifestyle to pupils
  • it is cohesive for teachers, parents and pupils

For you

  • it will give you inspiration for your own PE lessons
  • the event can be linked with your lesson topics
  • it provides an opportunity for you to emphasise the importance of a healthy and active lifestyle to pupils

Looking for School Fundraising Events

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