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Tennis Whizz



Engaging pre-school children to pick up their racket!

If you are looking for an activity for your nursery of reception class, then Tennis Whizz is just perfect.

Tennis Whizz has been specifically designed for pre-school children and is a great early introduction to Tennis, and is unique in the way that it uses storytelling to engage young children through the programme.

Tennis Whizz is a fun concept, but its real power and uniqueness is it uses something that all children LOVE… which is S-T-O-R-Y-S! It taps into the children’s vivid imagination and helps to keep the children engaged and on task longer with PE – which helps all children to have really positive and engaging early experiences of PE!


  • Develops children’s balance, co-ordination and motor skills.
  • Uses literacy, numeracy and colour recognition.
  • Gives children more chance to exercise in school/nursery.
  • Aids social development

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