Children now have a greater opportunity in most schools to be able to attend an afterschool club, this is due to the Sports premium funding and schools being able to use this to give children a variety of activities at no cost or a very small one.

Firstly, a physical activity for an afterschool can allow the child to let off steam from all the classroom-based activities they have being doing throughout the day.

Team sports teach them to work together with other children to achieve a goal. Teams sports cannot be played alone, children need to talk to one another as they play, call out there is space for a pass or an easier way to get the goal.

Allows the children to understand competition. They will learn to be a gracious winner and a loser who learns from how they can improve the next time they play or participate in the activity.

They will become passionate about the activity that they are participating in, they will want to become better and better at it, they will find ways to improve how they play.

The child will look strategically at how they can win the sports they are playing, they will evaluate how they play and how they can improve.

Children will be able to explore different activities and make a decision on what they enjoy and what they don’t enjoy. It will allow them to try different sports and dance that they may not have been open to before, then make a decision as to whether they like it or not.

Builds the children confidence in learning new sports or rules, creating new friendships with children who may not be in their class, gives them confidence in learning something they may not have before and focuses the children’s minds.

Children need to understand that physical activity provides them with a good base of an active, fit and healthy life. If children are exposed to this from an early age they will not know any differently.

The children will gain experience in competition, this leads to knowledge of rules, understanding how they can improve, be able to deal with losing and winning. Some afterschool clubs will allow the children to compete against children from other schools. So will learn how to build relationships whilst playing sports with children they may not know.