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3 Ways To Raise The Profile Of PE And Sport As A Tool For Whole School Improvement

In this mini series of blog articles, I have been talking about OFSTED’s key indicators for PE. We’ve looked at each of them and given some practical, simple ideas to meet the criteria OFSTED may look at when assessing PE within your school. As well as that, there have been some tips that have helped you evidence how your school have met the criteria. In this article, we’re looking at how to;
1. Sports Murals – This is a fantastic idea I saw introduced at a school I have previously worked in. Firstly, consider the way in which it will be decided what goes on the wall, it could be a school council decision, it could be a vote across school, it could be a competition with a draw. However you choose to decide, think of the learning opportunities – democracy, fairness just to name a few.

Once you have decided upon what you want on the wall, one particular athlete or event, or a montage of several, it will last for a very long time in your school.

You could also assign a group of children to ensure it is looked after, giving responsibility. These may seem like fringe benefits, but they raise the profile of PE and provide whole school improvement.
2. Athlete Visits – Lots of athletes are willing to visit Primary Schools, usually in exchange for children raising some money to go towards the athletes travel and training costs. Websites such as work out fantastic packages in which your school can get an inspiring visit from an athlete as well as the opportunity to raise money for some new PE equipment in your school. The profile of PE will definitely be raised through a professional athlete coming in, and the school will see an improvement in the form of new equipment.
3. PE Leaders – Lots of schools employ this strategy already, some brand it slightly differently. Essentially, you ask your more mature children to take on roles that will give them responsibility for different aspects of PE. It may be packing equipment away after lessons, it could be leading games at lunchtime for younger children, it could be tidying the PE cupboard or playing areas. But the responsibility will provide whole school improvement.


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