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Why is Physical Education important for primary school children?

PE can be overlooked for the curriculum in Primary schools, but now there has been added funding for this subject known as Sports premium, it has made it easier for Primary schools to budget for specialists to come and take sessions, CPD for the current teachers, buy new equipment, create Sports/Dance areas within the school’s facilities and more.

Boosts children’s confidence and takes away the fear factor

I understand not all children thrive within the academic side of school, by allowing the children to engage in different sports and dance lesson’s there will be a genre that the child enjoys. Throughout sessions there are always ways to make something easier or harder depending on the development of the child individually. I know I was never very academic but the one lesson I always loved was PE as it gave me a chance to do what I did best.

Team work and friendship building

Of course, there is always a competition element, but by getting children to work with others they may have not worked with in the classroom they will build different friendships. Most sports today there is opportunity to work as a team to get points, this will bring the whole class together. In a classroom environment it is often you have to work alone within PE you will need to work in different sized groups, socially this is great for the children.


The child will remember when they first scored a goal, caught a ball, ran the fastest in the class. How many times have you seen one of your pupils ran out to tell their careers at the end of the day what they achieved.

Sets a good health and fitness base

There is so much in the news today about sugary and fatty foods, how obesity is taken over Britain. PE will set a great example about fitness alongside a healthy lifestyle for later on in life. If every child gets into at least one sport this could continue right into adulthood.
Concentration in the classroom

It has been scientifically proven that getting the children up and active, will stimulate the child’s brain ready for absorption of learning.

Bodies development
Children’s bones and muscles obviously grow with the food and drink they take in everyday, but PE will strengthen muscles, bones, joint movement and more.


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