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Sport verses activity

Does the word ‘sport’ get you all excited or does it put the fear of god into you?

Words mean different things to different people. People attach beliefs and feelings to different words.

So, you mention the word sport to one child and you can visibly see them light up like a Christmas tree, but can have the opposite effect on another child – making them want to curl up and find any excuse to get out of it.

Now, we all now the positive role that sport can play in child’s life and this should never be underestimated.

However, is it worth consideration as to whether the word ‘sport’ for some people conjures up the thoughts of competition and winning. Maybe the word ‘physical activity’ or ‘activity’ is less threatening to children, so it’s worth considering how we appeal to the younger generation. As the words that we use, can, and will, mean different things to different people.

We can’t turn children off sport because the benefits are significant and yes, we need the right people to inspire children, but maybe thinking about the language we use is worthy of some consideration.

Because if someone said to you let’s do a science experiment or learn how to make a water bomb catapult.

I know which one I’d rather do, as it feels like two different things doesn’t it!

So, clearly words are very open to interpretation, so choose them carefully.

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