Childcare is expensive, I’m sure you’ll agree! But there is help out there. 

At Progressive Sports, we’ve been working in our local community and schools for over 17 years and we’re a dependable and quality provider of childcare to many families, whether this be on our holiday courses or through our school wraparound service.  

However, our internal research has shed light on a concerning gap: a significant portion of parents are not utilising government support like Tax-Free Childcare and Universal Credit to offset their childcare costs. 

This revelation prompts us to ask are we doing enough to inform and empower parents about the help available to them?

The Current Landscape

Recent studies and our internal findings indicate a startling underuse of government childcare assistance. Our booking data shows that only 5% to 35% of parents use Tax-Free Childcare at some of our wraparound settings, and an even smaller percentage uses Universal Credit. 

This is in stark contrast to the potential benefits that many more families could enjoy.

The government has allocated substantial funds to assist with childcare costs, yet a large portion remains unclaimed each year. An article by The Guardian pointed out that there’s a significant underspend in the budget set aside for these purposes, indicating that many eligible parents are either unaware or find the application process too daunting. 

The Importance of Education

This gap in utilisation highlights a critical need for more targeted education efforts aimed at parents. Informing them about their eligibility and simplifying the application process could significantly impact their ability to access quality childcare services. 

The government’s dedicated platform, Childcare Choices (, offers a wealth of information on this subject. 

Yet, the challenge remains in ensuring that parents are aware of and can easily navigate this resource.

Progressive Sports’ Commitment

Understanding this, Progressive Sports is committed to bridging this knowledge gap. We believe it’s not just about providing childcare services but also ensuring that families can access these services in the most financially sustainable way. 

Moving forward, we plan to:

– Integrate more information on our website on Tax-Free Childcare and Universal Credit and also ensure its part of our regular comms with parents.

– Collaborate with schools, the LA and other agencies to distribute educational materials more effectively.

– Utilise our digital platforms and our voice to share guides, articles, and quick tips on navigating government childcare support.

I would encourage other organisations that work in the sector to join us in this educational endeavour. 

Together, we can ensure that no family misses out on the support they’re entitled to, making childcare more accessible and affordable for all.

Final Thoughts

The journey towards fully utilising government support for childcare is not just about disseminating information; it’s about making that information accessible, understandable, and actionable. 

At Progressive Sports, we’re dedicated to playing our part in this journey, supporting our families every step of the way. With collective efforts and a shared commitment to education, we can close the gap, ensuring every parent has the knowledge and resources they need to provide their children with the best possible start in life.

Help us spread the word. Please share this article with other parents who might benefit from this information.